why meo

Efficiency of outsourcing

Outsourcing means that all processes that do not belong to the core business of your organization will be managed by an external company. This way, the processes are managed by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, so you can concentrate on your core business.

When you do not have the time or knowledge that is necessary to optimally manage all processes within your company, outsourcing can be a perfect solution. The management will be taken over by specialists, who search for the right solutions to optimize processes and implement those in your business. During the project, the specialist normally acts as an ad interim manager so he can build a close partnership with your own employees.

meo as suitable specialist

MEO has over 10 years of experience with IT & Asset Management systems in the Telecom and Energy sector. The company acknowledges the need for integration, improvement of quality, and optimization of the use of these systems. Furthermore, it understands the processes and IT related issues that come with it. MEO also has experience in an international setting, so efficient solutions outside of the Netherlands become more accessible.

MEO's strongly social-oriented mindset ensures that the project team is accompanied, directed, and enthused in the right way, in order to make the team function optimally. Due to MEO's analytic and reflecting method, potential problems are discovered in an early stage and can be solved quickly. In addition to the sharp focus on results, MEO wants to build a strong, long-term relationship with its client. With this approach, MEO contributes to the development of an organization and the personal growth of a project team.

Expercience with MEO

Eric de Koeijer

Jeroen Muller acted as Project Manager for Joulz/Stedin during the implementation of a mobile work order system – GE Field Force Automation. Eric de Koeijer (leader of the project): “I was able to count on Jeroen for 100%. Mostly thanks to him, the implementation went successful, and within the budget and the contemplated time frame.”

Filip Rosselle

Filip Rosselle (Network Manager at Infrax) describes Jeroen as “very customer-focused”. Jeroen played an important part in the professional communication between his Indian team and the local Infrax team. According to Rosselle, Jeroen mastered the skills to operate in an international setting.

Marc Diks

During a Data Migration Project at ENDINET, Jeroen worked as a Project Manager. Marc Diks calls him a result-oriented manager with a hands-on approach. He also thinks Jeroen is “unique in his ability to translate functional specifications in a way-of-working within a very short time frame.”