About meo

jeroen muller

Jeroen has been working as a manager since 1997 and has been involved with different projects in the field of IT & Asset Management in the Telecom and Energy sector. Between 2002 and 2005, Jeroen gained lots of experience in setting up a local office for an Indian IT & Engineering service. He has executed various projects in this period, using a worldwide delivering model in order to meet the needs and requirements of his clients.

meo's mission

MEO mission is to add value to your organisation, eg by means of professional project, program support and support of sourcing questions. During the initiation of the program or project, a scope will be determined. MEO will manage the project and will guide and train you team, so at the completion of the project, the responsibility for the processes can be returned to your organization without any problems.

MEO Consult: Management and Outsourcing

MEO Consult was established by Jeroen in 2015. The company provides in the setup and management of projects and analyzes which possibilities of outsourcing are suitable for your organization. During this process, Jeroen acts as ad interim manager and will be responsible for the execution and the initiation of the project. MEO's expertise lies within the field of IT & Asset Management systems in the Telecom and Energy sector.

Hands-on approach

Jeroen has a strong, social-oriented mindset and highly values the enthusiasm of a team. He has a strong degree of sensitivity and maintains an analytic, reflecting method. This creates an open working environment, where communication is important and everyone functions efficiently and optimally. The focus is not only on results - building a strong, long-term relationship with the customer is also of great importance.

Jeroen's personal norms and values are also leading in MEO. This way, MEO contributes to the developments of an organization and the personal growth of a project team.